Akhori Dam: The Significant Water Vision Project of Pakistan

Akhori Dam: The Significant Water Vision Project of Paistan

The Akhori Dam Project is believed to be one of the projects of Water Vision 2025, which is proposed by the ex-Pakistan Muslim League (Q)’s Government. This significant dam will store about 8.6 billion cubic metres of water that is split filling the Tarbela reservoir during the season of monsoon .

Controversy of Akhori Dam

The local individuals of this area might be opposed to the proposal because they are small land holder agriculturalists, but the government sustains to press on. Government officials claim locals though are willing to give up their land for the better of the nation. With the construction of the dam, as many as 49,320 persons would be displaced and the government would have to bear an atmospheric and resettlement cost of $0.3 billion. More than 30 villages involving Daurdad, Akhori, Humak, Boota, Jabi, and Bathou would be inundated.




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