Altit Fort: The Historical Fort of Pakistan

Altit Fort: The Historical Fort of Pakistan

Altit Fort is a historical fort at the area of Altit town in the Hunza valley in the region of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. It was genuinely home to the hereditary rulers and governors of the Hunza state who gained the title Mir, however they moved to the somewhat younger Baltit fort nearby 3 centuries after that. Altit Fort and in specific the Shikari tower is nearly 1100 years old which makes it the ancient monument in the region of Gilgit–Baltistan.


The word Altit means this side down and the place around the castle is inhabited by Burusho persons. The individuals of Altit are claimed to belong to the white Huns, however not much research has gone into the case. There are various theories about their origin but regional indigenous origin holds much worth among the persons. It is also claimed that the current language Bruchiski was brought here by the proposed white Huns in the time period of 47 A.D but there is no connection between burushaski and any other language of today. In accordance to the legend the 1st name for Altit village was the Hunukushal, meaning the village of Huns. The Huns had arrived from the Huang-Ho valley in the country of China. The name after that was changed into Broshal, translated as village of Bruchiski speakers. They were the famous spirit worshipers as Shamanism was in the strong practice and also followed the religion of Buddhism and Hinduism. In the fifteenth century Shia Islam was launched. Nearly in the year 1830 in turn many changed into Ismailism.


The Fort was in immense disrepair, but has now been restored and reconstructed by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture Historic Cities Support Programme and the Norway’s Government. It is featured by small beautiful rooms and low portals with stunning wood carvings. The country of Japan has contributed to the reconstruction of the nearby old village. Altit Fort is a tourist location which has been open to the visitors since the year 2007.




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