Amjad Sabri is going to Sue Adnan Sami

Amjad Sabri is going to Sue Adnan Sami

Amjad Sabri, son of famous Ghulam Farid Sabri is about to take legal action against Adnan Sami Khan for using Sabri Brother’s Qawwali in his song without their consent.

A new Bollywood movie is about to release, this Salman Khan’s upcoming movie is called ‘Bajrangi Bhaijan’ and has song composed by Adnan Sami ‘Bhar Do Jholi Meri’ in it, however the lyrics of this song are similar to Sabri brothers’s Qawwali.

About this matter Amjad Sabri stated that their son (Amjad Sabri) is still alive, Adnan Sami should have asked for the permission before using it”.

He further clarify that he had not given any permission nor did any reasonable credits has given to Sabri brothers for this amazing art work.

BHAR DO JHOLI MERI: Amjad Sabri claims credits… by viralinpakistan

In a Video message with Pakistan reality show host Waqar Zaka, Amjad Sabri said that this has been done without any permission. He further said that Bollywood composer have just mentioned that this is a tribute to Sabri brothers and he is going to take some legal action against Adnan Sami real soon.

This Qawwalli ‘Bhar Do Jholi’ has gained much fame among the Sufi group not only in Pakistan but in all over the world.



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