Ayub National Park: The Popular Recreational Place in Pakistan

Ayub National Park: The Popular Recreational Place in Pakistan

Ayub National Park, usually known as Ayub Park or historically Topi Rakh Park (Rakh lit. reserve in Potwari), named after the Pakistani president and general Ayub Khan, is a popular national park situated on the Jhelum road not far away from the historical presidency in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The park was developed before the creation of Pakistan and covers a place of 2,300 acres.

It owns a play area, lake with boating facility, an aquarium, a garden-restaurant and an open-air theater. This park hosts “The Jungle Kingdom” which is specifically famous among young residents of the city.

Location of Ayub National Park:

Ayub National Park is situated beyond the old Presidency on Jhelum Road in Rawalpindi city.

How to reach Ayub Park Rawalpindi:

To reach Ayub Park Rawalpindi, take an airport-bound Suzuki from Rawalpindi and get off at Kucheri Chowk, then take the right fork and travel for about one kilometer. Nearly all vehicular traffic going north or south of Rawalpindi passes on G.T. Road in front of Ayub National Park.

Ayub National Park Attractions:

The place of Ayub National Park is 2300 acres and is a key source of entertainment for the individuals of Rawalpindi. The garden has the following attractions:

  • A play area, involving boating sport in lakes, numerous picnic spots, shaded jogging tracks, horse and camel rides
  • An aquarium
  • Lake with boating facility
  • And an open air theater
  • A garden-restaurant
  • Topi Rakh Auditorium
  • This park also hosts The Jungle Kingdom which is famous among young residents of the city
  • Kids Play Area
  • Boating
  • Restaurants

To cater for the requirements of large groups, special events, corporate functions, Walima, marriage and mehndi receptions, Ayub National Park has reserved an exceptional lake side grassy lawn with separate entry/exit area near the Jungle Kingdom place.




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