Bandala Valley: Th Astonoshing Place of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Bandala Valley: Th Astonoshing Place of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Bandala is a beautiful valley in the state of Azad Kashmir situated over 26 kilometers from the area of Bhimber in the country Pakistan. The valley expands from the famous river Tawi in the direction of east to the Samahni valley in the west. The popular Reech Pahari (Bear Mountain) runs parallel on the direction of northern side and the famous Baghsar Mountain on the southern side. This valley is over 10 kilometers long and about 1.5 kilometers wide.

Bandala combines the valley of Samahni at the place pf Sara e Saadabad and Chitti Mitti, further east are the villages of Kahawalian and Nali, the last villages before the area of Line of Control. Several streams flow through the valley, producing rapids, cascades, falls and natural swimming pools. These pools are very famous among the regional people and youths, not merely for swimming but also for the purpose of fishing. The rich fertile land and mild weather produces a variation of crops or trees, particularly mango trees. Farming is yet the significant source of staple food for the place; wheat and corn are grown yearly. The high literacy amount has made better the overall living standards of the individuals. Because most of the persons work for the government or overseas, particularly in the region of Middle East and Europe, dependence on farming for income has highly decreased but individuals yet cultivate the land for food.

Several amazing birds and animals are discovered in the valley involving the  partridges, peacocks, quail, falcons, birds of paradise,  and eagles. The enclosing Reech Pahari facilitates as the famous sanctuary for numerous animal species involving the hyenas, tigers,  jackals, Foxes, pythons, wolves, monkeys, stags, deer,  and impalas. The valley is home to various hamlets, of which Pind, Bandi, Piana, Gurah, Parati, and Kahawalian, Bagh Chagah are the best known.




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