Bara Dam: The Proposed Hydroelectric Power Dam of FATA, Pakistan

Bara Dam: The Proposed Hydroelectric Power Dam of FATA, Pakistan

Bara Dam is a famous proposed small, low-head, Earth Core Rock fill, hydroelectric power generation dam of 5.8 megawatt generation capacity, situated across the region of Bara River at the confluence of Mastura River in the place of Tirah Valley, Khyber Agency, FATA, Pakistan.

Key Uses of Bara Dam

With the development of the proposed Bara Dam, flood waters of Bara River will be stored. Gross storage of the reservoir is 85,363 AF of which an average of over 89, 000 AF water will be yearly available for establishing irrigated agriculture of command place of about 42,000 acres. This project will produce 5.8 megawatt of power generation with yearly energy of 10 Gigawatt Hour.

Other Advantages

Damming the flow of Bara River will secure the flood water for irrigated agriculture development, power generation and water supply for drinking and other domestic benefits. The project will bring basic uplift of the individuals in the place by development of employment and business opportunities. These indirect advantages, like employment opportunities and consequent rise in the living standard of the individuals, although can’t be quantified in monetary term. The direct receipt of the project will be present in shape of irrigation service fee (Abiana) and receipt of charge of sale of energy to consumers. The project would highly increase the establishment of fisheries in the place and give recreation and employment opportunities to the households of the area. The assumed price of the project will be US$311 Million. Out of which US$227 Million for civil works and US$28 Million for electro-mechanical works are needed.

Salient Features of Bara Dam

Type of Dam: Earth Core Rockfill Dam
Maximum height: of Dam 302 feet
Length of Dam: 1477 feet
Gross Storage Capacity: 85,363 AF
Installed capacity: 5.8 Megawatt
Command Area:
41,729 acres
Cropping Intensity: 200 percent
Cost of the Project: Rs 14.208 billion




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