Beautiful and popular actress of Pakistani TV: Faryal Gohar

Beautiful and popular actress of Pakistani TV: Faryal Gohar

Pakistani popular TV actress and writer Faryal Gohar is believed to be one of few females who can really be called as “Women of Substance”.  Faryal belongs to a family of dynamic and talented persons; her mother Khadija was a famous anthropologist while her elder sister Madiha Gohar has discovered Ajoka Theatre; a theatre well known for depicting the ailments of our country on stage. Faryal too was linked with theater and TV dramas but her claim to popularity by are her novels and her attempts for making the lives of individuals better.


Faryal acquired her education in the city of Lahore in some of the elite institutes of the city. She shone both in studies and extracurricular activities. She after that went to Mc Gill University Canada to take the study of Political Economy and later got training for documentary film production from institutions in the region Europe and at the University of Southern California America.

Personal Life

Faryal then got married to Jamal Shah the artist and sculptor from the province of Baluchistan. Faryal who was utilized to freedom found the conservative lifestyle of city Quetta stifling but being an individual who honors devotion Faryal bravely confronted the case. Although, the marriage which was doomed from the starting ended soon. Faryal’s 2nd marriage was to a American doctor of Pakistan and this relation too was a short one. The pain she went through forced her to pen down her feelings, emotions and thus became as Faryal Gohar the writer.  

Writing was not anything new to the celebrity Faryal as she had been working as a columnist and a magazine writer. Her novels The Wet Scent of Earth in August and No Space for Further Burials were referred to as significantly distinctive.  Faryal also made a documentary called as Pakistan Poverty Assessment which boost up the greater authorities not to launch land reforms any more. Faryal has always been served as a supporter of female’s empowerment and is an active environmentalist and an animal lover.



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