Broghil Valley National Park: The Drop-Dead Beauty of KPK, Pakistan

Broghil Valley National Park: The Drop-Dead Beauty of KPK, Pakistan

Broghil Valley National Park is a valley and national park situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Pakistan. It is situated abutting to the Afghan-Pakistan border. Broghil valley is situated at a distance of 250 kilometers from capital Chitral boondocks and is the arctic a lot of basin of Chitral commune in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The indigenous accumulation of Broghil is Wakhi; the bounded accent is as well known as Wakhi. The indigenous accumulation of Broghi came in to getting with the collective of Tajik, Chinese, and Afghan indigenous groups. They came here actually for food, shelter, job and new residence.

The breadth is mostly aerial tracts. Elevations ambit from 3,280 meters at Kishmanjah apple to 4,304 meters at Karamber Lake in northeast. The breadth is undulating, with abrupt mountains, advanced amplitude blooming plains and attenuated valleys. The absolute breadth of peatlands and lakes is over 3,400.

Wildlife in Broghil Valley National Park:

Baroghil Valley is a sanctuary for ibex, wolves, snow leopards, white and brown bears, fox, rabbits, marmots and several more wild animals. The bird species are, hawks, falcons, eagles are discovered in the high mountains, while pheasants, partridges, larks, hoopoes, sparrows, quails, doves, swallow starlings, nightingales, crows and vultures.

Directions to Access:

However, the Broghil Valley national park is complex to access but the route to access it from International tourists is to get direct flights to Islamabad after that they might get flights to Gilgit (domestic flights) from where you can hire transport the other route is Islamabad to Chalas to Hunza to Gilgit to Darkot Yasin valley to Chikar to Broghil pass.

The other popular spots to explore around the region of Broghil are: Lashkargaz, Showrsheer, Swinj, Sohktarabad, Chittiboi Glacier, Virgoth, Mitrandas, and Gakuch.



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