Captive Pakistani in Yemen appeals for return

Captive Pakistani in Yemen appeals for return

A Pakistani fisherman named Muhammad Siddique imprisoned in Yemen ever since 2007 has requested from the Government of Pakistan to make efforts for his freedom.

Siddique was seen at a prison in Sanaa beside with two more Pakistani convicts requesting from the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar. Stating: “There are extreme bombing outside the jail where we are being captive and we are being regularly mistreated by other convicts. We will be slaughtered if we are not released from here.”

The family of Muhammad Siddique informed Media that he had been captive for the past eight years. His son Arshad informed there are eleven other Pakistani detainees with his father.

The Pakistani government has made determined efforts for the migration of approximately 3,000 Pakistanis stuck in war-torn Yemen. The first group of 503 Pakistanis in Yemen retrieved to Karachi this Monday. Another PIA plane is anticipated to fly towards Yemen on Tuesday to get more Pakistanis back to their home safely.

In Aden, stuck Pakistanis are estimated to be evacuated via a Pakistan Navy ship as the airport in the city has been shattered.



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