Chashma Barrage: The Notable Barrage of Great Significance, Pakistan

Chashma Barrage: The Notable Barrage of Great Significance, Pakistan

Chashma Barrage is a notable barrage on the River Indus in the Mianwali District of the Punjab province, Pakistan 304 kilometers North West of Lahore and 56 kilometers downstream of Jinnah Barrage. The contract for Chashma Barrage works was granted on the day of 10 February 1967 to French Consortium Société Dumez and Société Borie and was victoriously completed by the day of 25 March 1971. The complete cost of Chashma Barrage works was Rs.399 million but power generation began later in the year of 2001. The installed capacity of power Station is 184 MW, from eight Kaplan-type bulb turbine units each with a 23 MW capacity. The bulb turbines have been installed for the 1st time in the state of Pakistan. The first unit was commissioned in the year of January 2001, while the final commissioning of all units was completed in July 2001. The 8 Kaplan-type turbines and synchronous generator units were developed by the Fuji, Japan.

Chashma Barrage is utilized for irrigation, flood control and power generation. A Ramsar site is situated nearby.

Salient features of the Chashma Barrage

Total Bays: 52

Length between abutments: 3556 feet.

Standard Bays: 41

Undersluce Bays: 11

Normal Pond Level: 642 feet

Maximum Storage Level: 649 feet.

Maximum Flood Discharge: 950000 Cusecs

Maximum Intensity of Discharge: 300Cs. Per feet.

Width of Carriage Way: 24 feet.

Length of Navigation Lock: 155 feet.

Width of Navigation Lock: 30 feet.

Area of Reservoir: 139 square meters.

Initial Capacity: 0.87 MAF

Contract Price: Rs 399 Million

Date Commencement: 10 February 1967

Date of Completion: 25 March 1971

Contractor: Societe Dumes Enterprises Borie of France

Consulting Engineer: COODE & Partner London




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