Duber Khwar Hydropower Plant: The Amazing Hydropower plant of KPK, Pakistan

Duber Khwar Hydropower Plant: The Amazing Hydropower plant of KPK, Pakistan

Duber Khwar Hydropower Plant is situated near the town of Pattan in the region of Kohistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan on the Duber Khwar River, a right bank tributary of Indus River. It is almost 300 kilometers North West from the city of Islamabad, the federal capital of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The total electricity generation capacity of the Duber Khwar Project is approximately 130 Megawatts. There are 2 vertical Pelton wheel turbine units of 65 Megawatts each installed at Duber Khwar Hydroelectric Station. These turbines are manufactured and developed by Andritz Hydro Austria. Andritz Hydro Austria has supplied and installed the entire electro-mechanical equipment and services with the concentration on its “water to wire” concept. The supplies contained 2 65 Megawatts Pelton-type turbines with a rated head of 516 meters, associated generators and generator auxiliaries and the entire electrical power systems.

Construction of Duber Khwar Hydropower Plant was started in the month of June 2003 and the project was completed in the year of June 2013. The plant started commercial operation in the year of January 2014. The complete cost of this key project is over PKR 16.325 billion. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is likely to launch and inaugurate the Duber Khwar hydropower project soon. Environment-friendly this hydropower project will generate maximum 595 million units of low-cost hydel electricity per annum.

Dam of Duber Khwar Hydropower Plant

Type: Concrete gravity dam.

Design Discharge: 29 Cusecs.

Height: 40.5 meters.

Length: 202 meters.

Headrace Tunnel Length: 4.873 kilometers.

Design Head: 535 meters.




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