Employed Women and their Hair Issues

Employed Women and their Hair Issues

Not only in Pakistan but employed women all over the world preferred to have short and dyed hair. Women from all over the world participated in the recent survey. The women interviewed in this survey informed that due to their busy schedule it is very hard for them to take care of their hair because to have long, dense and shiny hair, is impossible without proper care and protection. We usually have to wake up early in the morning to make breakfast, have to send kids at school and we don’t have that much time left for us to take care of our hair with all these chores for us to complete.

They informed that they prefer to have short hair because this way they can comb the hair while going towards their work stations or short hair can easily be comb within a min. If they have longer hair then it will take more than 15 minutes to comb it and for untangling the hair it take more than 30 minutes usually. And to total it is not possible for them to just waste their 45 minute on their hair so it is much better for them to have short hairs style.

According to this survey we came to know that for women’s hair change in weather have immense effect on it. Most of these women like to have short hair in summer while they prefer to have a bit longer hair in winter although for employed women it is a hurdle for them to take care of these long hair and to restrain their hairstyle they usually try many home remedies.

For this issue hair experts have mentioned some main points for women to consider first to handle these hair issue easily. But the first main problem for women to consider is the health of their hair because weak and light hair doesn’t suite for any kind of hair style.

Women needs to first analyze their facial structure and then should choose to have the hair style accordingly. Sometime elderly women likes to have small hair. For many faces, shorter hair style suites the best although some faces are not for short hair style. However if you are a bit chubby women then you should have a bit longer hair.

Some women even at the age of 30 have facial structure like a teenager, for these women it’s better to have short hair style. Moreover in winter women should use such type of shampoo which is suitable for this weather. Also make sure to use conditioner in dry season.

In winter season is better to newly dye the hair. Only those who are habitually dying their hair should take the most of this advice. For the proper growth of hair the best policy for this process is continuous effort. But one must analyze the effect of these practices on their hair and in case of observing any negative effect one most at once stop practicing it.

Try not to shampoo on daily basis. And also if your hair growth is good and have strong roots and you should have long hair style. And you being employed should give some time to your hair as well.



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