Experts Condemn the Use of Painkiller Pills

Experts Condemn the Use of Painkiller Pills

Expert believes that the usage of Painkiller medicines negatively affects the Human Heart and Health.

A new survey proves that painkilling meds temporarily ease the pain and consider very effective to kill pain but there is very dark side of these pills. It acts destructively in the human body.

Dutch experts said that those peoples who are taking pills to kill the pain like Ibuprofen etc. have increased 76 percent chances for a heart disease Atrial fibrillation.

Atrial fibrillation cause the irregular heartbeat, the top two chambers of heart are called atrial. If they start beating vigorously then these chambers starts vibrating due to which the electrical system in the heart weakens. Common symptoms are often dizziness and difficulty in breathing.

Medical experts advices those who used these painkillers continuously not to stop using them at once otherwise the chances increases 84 percent.



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