Facebook Enables Gifs Option

Facebook Enables Gifs Option

We all loves Gifs whether they are animated or not and we all wanted to shares these Gifs with our friends and family however it was not possible on popular social media network Facebook until now.

Good news is, Facebook have silently enable this option and have given the power to its users to share Gifs on their accounts. Facebook had not announced about this feature nor did they mentioned it on their update section but secretly enables it.

If you want to share any gif then just paste the URL in the status bar and post it to share. Enjoy this new feature and exchange amazing Gifs with one another.

This feature is not working on all the accounts but Facebook is working on it and soon it will be enable for all the users. If it is not working on your account then wait for 2-3 days however you can check this on your friends account.

The good thing is, these Gifs will not make the browsing slow nor will it distract you because these gifs will not work unless you click on it.



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