Facebook Launched New Application Titled Facebook Lite

Facebook Launched New Application Titled Facebook Lite

Facebook is daily launching new options and features for its users one day after another. For smoothing the connectivity of Facebook they have launched a new application.

Now Internet.org is also available in Pakistan through which users can access Facebook as well other one and a half dozen websites as well for free.

Now Facebook for emerging market have introduced a new application which is called “Facebook Lite”. This application Facebook Lite is very light and fast. With this application which takes less than 1 MB space, Facebook users can check newsfeeds, can update their status and check photos and other notifications much faster than before.

According to Facebook officials this application is for those users who have very slow internet in their country. Facebook Lite has been introduced in some of the areas of Asia. It will be available in Latin America, Africa and Europe as well within some weeks.

For those users who wants to try this new Facebook Lite application. To download it click here.



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