Famous Pakistani Stage, Film and TV Iconic Actor Umer Sharif

Famous Pakistani Stage, Film and TV Iconic Actor Umer Sharif

Pakistani legendary actor Umer Sharif is without any uncertainty one of world’s best stand up comedians. He is the outstanding in the countries Pakistan and India. Umer Sharif is famous to be an stunning comedian. He has won the hearts of persons throughout the country Pakistan and outside of Pakistan too. His humor is of fantastic nature and is loved by persons of all ages. Umer Sharif bgean his career from stage show plays. His acting was one of the most complimented and favorite of persons.

Umer’s actual name is Muhammad Umer but, upon coming to the media industry, he changed it to Umer Sharif. Umer Sharif was at an early age of fourteen when he 1st stepped on the stage in the city Karachi. Before going to mainstream stage plays, Umer Sharif 1st took up jobs as a standup comedian and various for plays for minor parties with his friends offering background sound.

Umer Sharif increased to popularity after he did 2 very successful dramas in the year 1989 by the name of “Buddha Ghar Par Hai” and “Bakra Qiston Pe”. Both the darmas starred the iconic personality Moin Akhtar alongside Umer Sharif. Umer Sharif’s stage dramas were such a victory that soon he initiated to record the performances and then these videos were rented to different consumers.

Umer also has done various works with the country India like numerous other artists. He has gained popularity in a short time through nearly all Urdu and Punjabi speaking families in the globe. Umer Sharif worked actually difficult to climb the ladder of victory. He has also been offered the title of God of Asian Comedy by one of India’s comedian himself. Umer Sharif has achieved various awards; he also is the 1st showbiz star to have gained the key to a city-Karachi.



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