Famous Pakistani TV Actor Sohail Asghar

Famous Pakistani TV Actor Sohail Asghar

Pakistan media industry contains very less actors from the past decades, who were ideal actors. Not even then, but even today they are an entire institute within themselves. They are aware of the skill of acting. Sohail Asghar is one such ideal actor. He is no doubt a seasoned talent of the country Pakistan.

Sohail Asghar was born in the city of Multan. He got his education from the city of Multan. After that, he joined the Radio Pakistan, the city of Multan, and from there his tour started shaping up. He did radio from the time period of 1978 to 1988 in the city of Multan. During time, he began working in theatre also. This made better his acting germs much. There came a period, when he left the radio and began a Carpet business with his various cousin. He was nervous about selecting his career. But he had no concept that his career had been obvious written divinely.

After 1 year in business, he left it too and came to the city of Lahore. There he joined the radio again and got remerged with his favorite career. From the journey of radio, TV director, Nusrat Thakur chose him and gave him a character in his play. Mr. Sohail Asghar did his 1st play, Raat, from the channel PTV Lahore. His acting was hugely acknowleged in that play, though it was not a lead character.  He acquired much fanme through his play Khwahish. This acknowledgement motivated Mr. Sohail and then he never ever looked back.

Few of his famous dramas are Laag, Man chale ka Sauda, Khwahish, Raat, Nangay Paon, Malka e Alam, Shabdaig , Waqt, Piyas, and Chand Grehain.



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