Fierce Campaign in NA-246 Ends in Fire and Fireworks

Fierce Campaign in NA-246 Ends in Fire and Fireworks

Election result came up and as we all expected MQM won. But MQM would won with such great margin no one had predicted that. The Election in NA-246 this Thursday was completely unexpected as a huge number of voters came up to cast their votes to their preferable party.

The Candidates in this election were, Imran Ismail from Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), Rashi Naseem from Jammat-i-Islami (JI) and of course Kunwar Naveed from Muttahida Quami movement (MQM).

Although it was not a big election but the involvement of these party senior leaders made it a Battlefield. Imran Khan Chairman PTI, Sirajul Haq from JI and Chief Altaf Hussain from MQM were on the front page of this battlefield.

Although in NA-246 MQM’s candidate Kunwar Naveed earned the victory in by-election with the total vote bank of 93,122.

According to media report, total 20 candidates have participated in NA-246 elections however there were 213 polling stations established in the locality and according to the results MQM candidate Kunwar Naveed with total vote bank of 93,122, PTI candidate Imran Ismail with 16,932 and JI candidate Rashid Naseem was able to get 8454 votes.

After the victory of Kunwar Naveed the whole MQM with its supporters are celebrating at Nine Zero and are distributing sweets among them. After Kumwar’s victory he said, “For this victory I thank to Allah and also thankful to my supporter and it is because of them I have won today”.

PTI candidate Imran Ismail said that this election was fair and he accepted the result of this election.

On the other hand, from Jamat-i-Islami they have raised some questions on the transparency of this election. JI’s leader Hafiz Naeem ul Rehman said that just because Pakistan rangers was present on site it doesn’t means that this election was not rigged. Election Commission have failed to fulfill its responsibilities and this is because of which all voter lists were prepared in the office of MQM. He further added that “they will not accept the transparency of this election and according to JI this election was also rigged.”



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