Fort Abbas: The Historical Town of Bahawalnagar, Pakistan

Fort Abbas: The Historical Town of Bahawalnagar, Pakistan
Fort Abbas

Fort Abbas (Urdu: فورٹ عبّاس‎), (Punjabi: فورٹ عباس), commonly called as Pholra, is a town and a tehsil in the area of Bahawalnagar District in the Cholistan Desert of the country Punjab, Pakistan. It is located in the south of Haroonabad, near the region of Faqirwali, on the borders of the countries Pakistan and India.

History of Fort Abbas

Fort Abbas is an ancient city and has strategic significance during the era of Nawab of Bahawalpur. It was called as Pholra until it was renamed in the year 1927 by Nawab Sir Sadiq, who named it on his eldest son, Muhammad Abbas.

GeographyFort Abbas: The Historical Town of Bahawalnagar, Pakistan

Fort Abbas is a proposed Tehsil of Bahawalnagar District, in the regions of southern Punjab, Pakistan. It is popular for its desert Cholistan. The city is enclosed by many forests, deserts and agricultural land. The land of Fort Abbas is very rich and fertile, but there is much shortage of water, resulting in much of the fertile land to be left uncultivated. Hackra Canal is the primary source to offer most of the water to the area. The primary crops are wheat, cotton and sugar cane.


The language of this amazing city is Punjabi. In city places, few individuals speak Urdu. Saraiki is also usually spoken in desert regions. The tribes that are in majority are Arain involving jalahndri, patvalyvi etc, Syed, Malik involving punjabi, chouhan, alvi, ghauri, teli, Abbasi, Jatt involving bajwa, waraich, etc, Rajput, Meher siraiki speaking.


The city is linked by the roads to remaining parts of the country. The central roads are from Fort Abbas to Haroon Abad which also leads towards the place of Bahawalnagar, Sahiwal and Lahore. The second road is from Fort Abbas to Chishtian, while a 3rd road leads to the area of Bahawal Pur through Yazman.

The Significant Transport companies:

  • Raja Travels
  • Matyana Movers Daewoo
  • Naeem Coach
  • New Chaudry
  • Rao Ahtasham Coach
  • Moon Coach
  • Ideal Coach

The railway track hasn’t been utilized since the year 2002. The track was utilized by Pakistan Railway but nowadays the condition is so worse that even Pakistan Railway can’t manage to run any type of train service.


Bank Alfalah Limited began business as on the day of September 9, 2013. Other banks are MCB – UBL – BOP – HBL – ABL – PPCB – NBP – NRSP – KBL – ZTBL – National Saving Center – Bank Alflah

Educational institutes

  • Govt. Degree College for Girls
  • Govt. High School Phoolra
  • Govt. Degree College for Boys
  • Govt. Model High School for Boys
  • Govt. Commercial College of Commerce
  • Govt. Model High School for Girls

There are various other Government primary and Madrisa schools in the city and nearby areas.

Popular Private educational institutes are:

  • Sir Syed Science Public School
  • Islamia College
  • Allied School Ali Campus
  • Golden Gate High School
  • Rangers Public School
Fort Abbas: The Historical Town of Bahawalnagar, Pakistan
Fort Abbas: The Historical Town of Bahawalnagar, Pakistan




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