Gawadar – A Metropolitan City

Gwadar – A Metropolitan City

The Gawadar City is situated on the south-western Arabian Sea shore in the coastal region of Baluchistan province, Pakistan. This city is popular for the warm water deep sea of Gawadar’s port. It is located over 46 km from the grand city of Karachi and 75 km away from Iranian boundary line. This city is the capital of the District Gawadar. It also operates as capital of winter for the Baluchistan. According to the estimation conducted in 2006, the approximate population of Gawadar City was 53,080 at that time.

Gawardar has suffered the rule of numerous colonial and regional states for 100 of years. In 1958, this spectacular city came under the administrative authority of Pakistani Government.

In 2007, the completion of Gawadar port was conducted. It is situated over the mouth of Oman Gulf and at the tip of Arabian Sea, which contribute it major strategy significance. The port has a depth of maximally 47 feet. It is utilized to control the major cargo ships to the country Pakistan. Its harbor is establishing as primary hub of trade and a great way for importing oil from China.

This magnificent city was established with a metropolitan master design from scratch. Firstly, it was a home-village of fishermen before the development of Gawadar Port. Now, Gawadar is included among some planned metropolitan cities of Pakistan.



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