Google Introducing Android M

Google Introducing Android M
Google Introducing Android M

Google in IO developer conference to be held on 28 May will introduce Android M.

The details about Android M is still unknown however the name of this new version is asked by Android users by a website.

All of its version names are based on the name of sweet product so a mobile phone website went for a survey and the results are mentioned as under:

  • Marshmallow (28-37 Percent)
  • Muffin (25-25 Percent)
  • Milky Way (8-21 Percent)
  • Milkshake (8-63 Percent)
  • M&Ms (8-12 Percent)
  • Meringue (4-04 Percent)
  • Mousse (1-18 Percent)
  • Molasses (0-17 Percent)
  • Other (5-51 Percent)

Last month in Android market the share of Lollipop has also increased 10 percent more. Google have also introduced Android L last year in IO developer conference.



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