Haleji Lake: The Greatest Bird Sanctuary of Asia

Haleji Lake: The Greatest Bird Sanctuary of Asia

Haleji Lake (Urdu: ہالیجی جھیل‎) is situated in the area of Thatta District at the province of Sindh, Pakistan. It is the Asia’s greatest bird sanctuary.

History of Haleji Lake

Originally, the area of Haleji Lake was very small. During the era of World War II the then-British Government of Sindh decided to increase the capacity of the lake by launching a feeder canal from the area of River Sindh. The work was set up on a war footing and was completed within twenty-four months. During the period of war, thousands of American and British troops were stationed in the city of Karachi; the water supply was offered by Haleji Lake….. Haleji previously was a salt-water lake which was made by the seasonal water, gathering in a depression. During the period of World War II, additional water was needed for troops stationed at the city of Karachi. Salt water was drained out and an embankment was built around the lake which was fed by the clear and fresh water via a canal. Consequently, Haleji became one of the huge sources of water supply to the increasing population of the city Karachi as well as an exquisite sanctuary for the waterfowl.

A water reservoir, refuge to various Siberian migratory birds from the month of November till the month of February – birds lover paradise in these months. Some crocodiles and fishing cats also resides here.




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