Hanna Lake: The Most Attractive Lake of Baluchistan, Pakistan

Hanna Lake: The Most Attractive Lake of Baluchistan, Pakistan

Hanna Lake is a beautiful lake near the city of Quetta  in Baluchistan Province, in the area of southwestern Pakistan.


The lake is situated at a little short of the place where the Urak Valley starts and 14 kilometer from the city of Quetta. The reservoir was built during the British Colonial era in the year 1894, and is one of the primary attractions in the city.


Golden fish in the proposed lake comes for swimming right up to the edge of the lake. There is a spectacular lakeside restaurant with picnic tables shaded by pine trees. At the one end, the irrigation dam increases out of the depths such as battlements of a fort, and on the eastern part the Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy (HDWSA) the mere rowing, kayaking, canoeing and sailing training center in Baluchistan Province.

The HLDA / HDWSA and Merck have planted several trees for the attraction and protection of atmosphere in the Hanna Lake Mountains.


In the year 1894, the small action dam Surrpull (Red Bridge) was developed on primary Urak road for diverting of water into Hanna Lake coming up from the Zarghoon Mountains range, of streams, snow melting and rainfalls through main channel.

Current day

This channel nowadays requires repairs and is wasting water and recently the water level is extremely low, up to 3 feet, and thousands of fishes are in the severe danger. There is also a water channel which was developed the similar time by the British to change and convert the snow and rain water near Spin Kaarez coming up from Murdar mount to surrpull for filling of water in this lake. This channel was ruined by the heavy flood in the year 1976 and still not built and entire snow and rain water is going waste yet now and resultant the Hanna Lake was completely dried in the time period of 1999 to January 2005. If Hanna Lake Development Authority (HLDA) the custodians of Hanna Lake did not conduct any action to bring water via surrpull, the lake will be dry again.

Dry lake

From the time period of 2000-2010, Hanna Lake dried up and the inhabitants along with hundreds of migratory birds were in the cris

Full lake

Although, in the year 2011 the lake re-filled and once again provided rise to flora and fauna in its atmosphere. The turquoise waters of the lake offer a diverse contrast to the sandy brown of the hills in the background. One can amuse the promenade on the terraces or hire a boat and paddle on the lake and take around the island in the middle.

Public transport

Public wagon service functions from city bus station side by the City District Government office. The public transport can also be taken and hired through the agency of PTDC Tourist Information Center, Muslim Hotel, and Jinnah Road, Quetta.



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