Heaven On Earth: Fairy Meadows

Heaven On Earth: Fairy Meadows

Known as the real heaven on earth, Fairy Meadows is one of the most beautiful places in the world one would want to visit for sure. This place is famous for nurturing one of the World`s biggest mountains, Nanga Parbat. Known as the “Killer Mountain”, Nanga Parbat is situated in Diamer, Gilgit Baltistan (Pakistan) with marvelous and breathtaking views one can find as comparable with a real paradise. Its name comes from an Australian Climber Hermann Bhul who named this place Fairy Meadows due to its hypnotizing beauty. He was the first climber ever to climb this fear-ridden mountain.


Truly one of nature`s finest work is this mesmerizing place where a night camp or a stay in at the wooden cottages will show you the beauties of nature one could never even think of. The majestic view of the mighty Nanga Parbat to the north combined with the diamond filled sky with twinkling stars is a view with no other match. The moon shinning over the peak makes it look like a page straight out of a fairytale.

How to reach?

Going to Fairy Meadows your first stop would be at Raikot Bridge which is located at a mighty height of 4595 feet (1400 meters) above sea level which is approximately 540 kilometers (336 miles) from the country`s capital.  You need to hire a jeep to reach Tattu Village once you have reached Raikot Bridge. The village is at an amazing height of 9515 feet (2900 meters) above sea level. The way to the village will take proximately half hour. The way becomes too narrow for the jeep when moving ahead from the village so one needs to shift to trekking. It is an approximate trekking of about 2 to 3 hours depending upon your physique and after this hard work you`ll reach your destination.

Where to stay?

There are many beautiful and affordable places available for visitors in Fairy Meadows. Some are affordable and nice while others are a bit expensive but mostly people prefer to camp when they come to this place in order to connect with nature and enjoy their tour. Diverse types of food are available here though a bit expensive than the city rates but it’s worth the trip.

When to visit?

Due to being situated at a very high altitude, this place becomes hard to travel during winter season as the place gets succumbed with heavy snowfall. The best time to visit this paradise is between of June and in the middle of August.



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