Jansher Khan: The Most Talented Professional Squash Player of Pakistan

Jansher Khan: The Most Talented Professional Squash Player of Pakistan

Jansher Khan (Urdu: جان شیر خان‎; born on the day of 15 June 1969, in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan) is a former world No. 1 professional Pakistani squash player. During his career he won the World Open a record 8 times and the British Open 6 times. Jansher’s skill of movement singled him out from the competition, holding “all the top squash experts in awe.” Jansher Khan’s retirement brought an end to almost 50 years of domination by Pakistan in the sport of squash.

Family of Jansher Khan

His son Kamran Khan is a Malaysian professional squash player.


Jansher Khan won the World Junior Squash Championship title in the year of 1986 and the senior World Open title in 1987, by beating Australia’s Chris Dittmar in the final.

Retirement and after squash

Jansher officially declared his retirement from squash in the year of 2001. He won a total of 99 professional titles and was ranked the World No. 1 for over ten years.

In August 2007, Jansher declared that he was coming out of retirement to play in a Professional Squash Association tournament in London in October 2007. He said in a news conference that the reason for his comeback was that, “I feel I am mentally and physically fit to play the international circuit for another 3 to 4 years”. He lost in the opening round of the event to England’s Scott Handley 11–9, 6–11, 6–11 0–11.

In the year of October 2011, it was revealed that Jansher Khan was suffering from Parkinson’s disease.




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