Japanese Courtesy To A Passenger

Japanese Courtesy To A Passenger

A station in Japanese which is opened for only one passenger.

Tokyo: The Japanese government takes care of each one of its citizens that a train station in Japan is opened for only one passenger to travel. According to details, for the past few years only a single female student has been waiting at the Kami-shirataki station in Hokkaido. A high school student needs to take this train in order to go to the high school and for her convenience only the authorities took this decision of keeping the station on for her to go to her school. During these days the Kami-shirataki ruptured roads had met a dead end while the supplies were also cut. The Japanese Railway Authorities decided to shut down the station but that is when they learned that a young girl still uses the station on a daily basis after which the Japan Railways decided to keep the station working until the girl graduates from the school. The Railway Company scheduled the time of the train according to the girl`s departure and arrival. It is reported that the girl will be graduating in March after which the station will be closed



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