Khalti Lake: The Breathtaking View for Visitors in Pakistan

Khalti Lake: The Breathtaking View for Visitors in Pakistan

Khalti Lake (Urdu: خلتی جھیل, Khowar: خلتیو چھت) is located in the famous Tehsil Gupis of Ghizer District the westernmost part of the Gilgit–Baltistan province and northernmost region or territory of Pakistan. This lake is a primary source of clean and fresh water with abundance of Trout fishes.


Khalti Lake is situated in the small area of Khalti Village of Ghizer District (Gilgit-Baltistan), Pakistan over 7274 feet (2217 m) from the proposed sea level. Khalti valley has various picturesque landscapes and breathing scenery of nature. It invites the visitors to watch the beautiful and amazing view of the Khalti Lake. This lake is popular for being the mere habitat of the trout fish. The Khalti Lake is formed because of stretch of Ghizer River near the small village of Khalti. The dark blue clean waters of lake during the season of summer seem to be very charming and charismatic. The lake mostly freezes during the season of winter and villagers of Khalti utilize to walk on it. Popular tournaments are arranged on the freeze lake of Khalti. This lake is a primary and vital source of fresh water.

Beauty of Gupis

Gupis Valley is full of astonishing landscapes and scenic views. The turquoise and clean water of flowing river along with the way, nearby fields and dark forests looks very appealing for tourists and visitors.

Khalti Lake is popular for being the habitat of trout fish. Originally, these trout fishes had been dropped into the River Ghizer near the small region of Golaghmuli Village. Those trout fishes increased their quantity and reached nearly every area of Gupis Valley. A famous PTDC motel is located nearby to serve tourists. It is a comfortable place to stay for an overnight in the PTDC. You can enjoy the stunning view of the lake from the place of PTDC Motel.




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