Khuzdar: The Capital City of Khuzdar District, Baluchistan, Pakistan

Khuzdar: The Capital City of Khuzdar District, Baluchistan, Pakistan

Khuzdar is the capital city of the place Khuzdar District of the central Baluchistan province, Pakistan. Before the year of March 1974, Khuzdar was a part of the place Kalat District. The Jhalawani or Brahui language is spoken here mostly.

History of Khuzdar        

Khuzdar was the famous capital of the Brahui kingdom of the Makran.

In the early seventeenth century it was the proposed part of the Jhalawan kingdom, but it later became under the Kingdom of Kalat, where it sustained until a series of revolts during the era of Khudadad Khan (1857-1893). By the year of 1896, after the death of Khudabad, the authority of Kalat was restored.

Under a treaty with the place of Kalat, the British chose a political agent at Khuzdar in the year of 1903. British assistance sustained until the year of 1947, after which the place was acceded to the state of Pakistan and became a Democracy. When the region of Baluchistan States Union became the proposed Kalat Division, Khuzdar was developed as the divisional headquarters. The proposed divisional administration of Pakistan ended in the year of 2000. Khuzdar was again developed as the Divisional headquarters in the month of June 2009 by the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Government.

Geography & climate

Khuzdar is at the verge of a narrow valley at a height of 1,237 meters (4,058 ft). Despite this elevation, Khuzdar has an arid climate with very low and erratic rainfall. Unlike most areas of the province, the heaviest average rainfall comes from the place of Asian monsoon in the months of July and August, though this rainfall tends to be very erratic and in several season of summers there is no significant rain at all.


Over 99 percent of the people of the place are Muslims. The population of Khuzdar District was assumed to be over 525,000 in the year of 2005. The major tribes in the district are Mengal, Umrani,  Kurd, Bizenjo, Jattak,  Zehri, Muhammad Hasni, Sanghur andNakhee and Dehwarl.



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