Kunar River: The Influential Place of Pakistan

Kunar River: The Influential Place of Pakistan

The Kunar River also known as the Chitral River (چترال سيند) or the Kama River (کامه سيند), is over 480 kilometer long, situated in the area of northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, and in the region of eastern Afghanistan. The river network is fed by melting glaciers and snow of the HinduKush Mountains. It is also the proposed part of the Indus watershed basin.

Origin and course of flow

The river increases or rises in the far north glaciated Hindu Kush mountains of the place Chitral, KPK in the country of Pakistan. Downstream as far as Mastuj it is popularly called as the Mastuj River from there to its confluence with the Lutkho River merely north of the significant regional centre of the area Chitral. It is then known as the Chitral River, before running south into the side of upper Kunar Valley of the country Afghanistan. At the confluence in the region of Asadabad, historically known as Chaga Sarai, it meets with the Pech River and ultimately empties into the Kabul River merely to the direction east of the city of Jalalabad in the country Afghanistan. The combined rivers then flow to the direction of eastwards into the state Pakistan again, nearly following the Grand Trunk Road via Khyber Pass, and combining the Indus River at Attock.

Background of Kunar River

Before the political classification of the place categorized into the Kunar and Chitral Valley between the contemporary nation countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan, it had made a significant trade route, being the convenient way to tour from the Pamir Mountains’ passes to the plains of the entire subcontinent. While navigable in parts by professional kayakers, etc…, it is more accurate to say its valley forms a trade route since, like approximately entire rivers in e continents of Africa and Asia, it’s not navigable for commerce or transport.

Hydropower potential of Kunar River

Kunar River has large untapped hydropower potential energy which could be used for reasonable and cheap hydro electricity generation. Presently, under the construction of Golen Gol power project is also situated on this river but its further establishment will lead the place on the path of development.




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