Lahore administration recommends the venue change for PTI’s 1st May rally

Lahore administration recommends the venue change for PTI’s 1st May rally

LAHORE: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) authorities on the day of Friday denied Lahore district administration’s proposition to alter the venue of the rally on 1st May, claiming that party Chairman Imran Khan has already declared the schedule of the public gathering.

Imran Khan in his address to public on the day of April 24 in the city of Islamabad had declared to arrange the next rally at the city of Lahore’s Charing Cross.

The authorities from the district administration of city Lahore met with a PTI delegation today. In this proposed meeting, the administration officers claimed that the venue for the PTI rally should be altered owing on the basis of security reasons. The officials recommended that Nasir Bagh, Samanabad Doongi ground, and Gaddafi Stadium as three other possible and safest venues.

The administration had straightly clarified that the Lahore High Court has banned all the rallies and gatherings on the area of Lahore’s Mall road.

Initially, the Islamabad’s district administration had also denied providing permission to the PTI to arrange a rally at the area of F-9 Park citing security reasons.

Imran Khan, at 20thFoundation Day rally of PTI at the area of F-9 Park, had declared the launch of an anti-corruption campaign from the province of Sindh in the wake and issue of of Panama Papers Leaks and a public rally on the day of May 2 at the venue of Lahore’s Chairing Cross.




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