Latest Stills of “Game of Thrones” Issued

Latest Stills of “Game of Thrones” Issued

Winter has come, and spring — and more particularly the day of April 25 — is merely around the corner.

Which, for “Game of Thrones” fans, means merely 1 thing — a latest season of HBO’s hit dragons-and-daggers fantasy series is about to come.

As a grisly Valentine’s Day treat, HBO issued a latest, teaser trailer for season six, which, if the new content is any guide, will be a bleak affair.

The short teaser opens with the disembodied faces of 3 of “Game of Thrones'” famous bygone characters and members of the Stark family: Eddard; Catelyn and Rob, in the crypt of the House of Black and White. They are followed by the reviled King Joffrey, and Jon Snow, whose brutal betrayal and stabbing left him for dead at the mere end of last season.



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