Marvi Memon: The 1st Parliamentarian of Pakistan

Marvi Memon: The 1st Parliamentarian of Pakistan

Marvi Memon is a popular Pakistani politician and businesswoman, facilitating as the central and public personality of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) headed by Nawaz Sharif.

Family and Education of Marvi Memon

Marvi Memon was born in the city of Karachi, Sindh Province to the Nisar Memon a notable educator, statesman, and previous  Senator from the province of Sindh. After schooling in the cities of Karachi, Paris and Kuwait, she graduated from the the institution of London School of Economics with a degree of B.Sc. (Econ) Honors in International Relations.Family and Education of Marvi Memon

Professional Experience

With internships at the news channel of Dawn, Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, Newsline,  International Union for Conservation of Nature, US Commercial Consulate during her education years, she began her career as a banker at the place of Citibank Pakistan where she specialized in the field of Marketing and Quality Management for the consumer bank. After which she introduced Pakistan’s 1st satellite tracking fleet management concern Trakker, which developed her as a promising entrepreneur and the youngest female CEO of a multinational firm at the period. Her next project led her to suggesting and advising the President of Pakistan on the subject of Media Management. Later which she advised on Investments.Professional Experience of Marvi Memon

Political Party Worker

Marvi Memon was appointed as Member of Parliament for the 1st time from the month of March 2008 to the month of June 2011 as a PMLQ MNA. She was an impressive member of the parliamentary committees on Environment, Kashmir, Information Technology, Gilgit-Baltistan. Her impressive legislation on acid crime and setting up Pakistan’s 1st research institute for parliamentarians (PIPS) led her to be the proposed part of Pakistan’s 1st Oscar-winning documentary.

Resignation from National Assembly Seat and PML-QResignation from National Assembly Seat and PML-Q

On the day of 22 June 2011, Memon gave resignation to both the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) (PML-Q), because of her stated uncertainties relating to the party’s incompetent and corrupt treasury benches. She gave resignation to her post in the National Assembly.

Marvi Memon gave resignation to the parliament and left PML-Q in the year 2011 after which she supported the political leader Imran khan and indicated interest in the Pakistan tehreek e insaf at 1stshe had complete support for Imran khan she attended his Jalsas and rallies of PTI party and gave speeches too in one of her speech she quoted:

“I’m proud to sit beside persons such as Imran Khan and Javed Hashmi and only Imran khan can change Pakistan”

Marvi Memon after that left PTI because she wasn’t offered highest command in the party of PTI and then joined the government. After that she introduced a movement for rights in the state of Pakistan and galvanized the remote and rural Sindh’s villages for change. She then joined PMLN in the month of March 2012 and visited all of Pakistan prevailing the PMLN message for a year during which she set up a latest constituency for PMLN in feudal rural city of Thatta Sindh. She was appointed as the chairperson of the Interprovincial subcommittee of the PMLN Manifesto committee prior to the month of May 2013 elections and established consensus on several inter-provincial harmony problems within the party. Having tried to get elected from a general seat from the city of Thatta NA 237 she joined parliament as the PMLN MNA on reserved seat from the province of Sindh.

2013 Pakistan General Elections

Marvi Memon didn’t contested any of the general elections in the country Pakistan. Widespread rumors are that she was PMLN applicant from NA-237 constituency, which are wrong, as Syed Riaz Hussain Shah was the PMLN applicant from NA-237. Although, Marvi Memon was nominated by PML-N party as an influential member of the National Assembly from Sindh’s reserved seats for females. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had welcomed her to join his proposed party – he was quoted as claiming, “Marvi’s approach towards problems is pragmatic. She’ll prove to be an asset for the party.”

Political Achievements2013 Pakistan General Elections

Marvi Memon is one believed to be of the 1st parliamentarians to have attracted public interest litigation in the superior judiciary and being petitioner for several record making verdicts regarded to flood management, air crashes and employees’ rights. She has written various research papers and articles on the subject of foreign affairs. Marvi Memon is the 1st parliamentarian of the state Pakistan to author parliamentary diaries ‘My Diaries’ issued in the year of 2012. Her last project within parliament was Chairperson for the National Assembly Committee for Information Broadcasting and Heritage, and Member of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on the field of Foreign Affairs. Her committee made record suggestions and released record reports in fifteen months of her tenure to make better the media management and media standards. Her strength is her close links with grassroots, youth and discriminated populace of society in entire provinces and regions of Pakistan as Pakistan’s most immensely campaigning parliamentarian. Marvi Memon was elected as the Chairperson of Benazir Income Support Program with status of Minister of State on the day of Feb 25 2015.




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