A shared study by Finnish and Swedish researchers has revealed that the whole Vitamin E family plays a vital role in prevention of age related memory syndromes.

The most recent research by the University Of Eastern Finland Karolinska Institute Of Sweden and some additional medical research organizations indicated that different forms of vitamin E plays a vital role in memory progressions rendering to a report by the Finnish Daily Helsingin Sanomat Xinhua News stated.

The fresh conclusion came as former studies inspecting the relation among vitamin E and memory syndromes generally attentive towards only on a single form of vitamin E namely alpha tocopherol.

According to Dr. Miia Kivipelto director of the research from University of Eastern Finland vitamin E exists in eight different natural forms (fat soluble compounds) and the entire vitamin E family plays a role in protecting against memory disorders not only alpha tocopherol.

Kivipelto stated that vitamin E supplements obtainable in the market regularly hold only alpha tocopherol and the greatest sources of vitamin E are vegetable oils, nuts, green vegetables and whole grain cereals.

A sane diet is the best way to gain all of the eight vitamin E from food, informed Kivipelto and further added that more mixed diet and a healthier standard of living could proficiently prevent memory disorders amongst the elderly.





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