Most Versatile Pakistani TV actress Yasmin Ismail

Most Versatile Pakistani TV actress Yasmin Ismail

Yasmin Ismail, popular Pakistani TV actress was born in the city of Rawalpindi, on 28th March, 1950, to an army based family. She was a very devoted and hard working student and was outstanding in extracurricular activities as well. She was married to a businessman in the year 1974, and was blessed with daughter and a son.

Her proposed relation to PTV and Media initiated way back in 60’s. She was indeed an excellent actor. She knew very well how to put life in her role. She was aware of the art of expressions. She acted with many famous stars such as Sajid Hasan, Latif Kapadia, Shehnaz Sheikhn Marina Khan. She is best remembered for her play ‘Sheeshay kay admi’ in the time period of 60’s and ‘Tanhaiyan’ in the 80’s.

She participated in theatre also. Yasmin Ismail, herself also directed nearly 24 plays, while she was the head of Gripp Theatre, Karachi in the period of 80’s. But regrettably, individuals did not value her much as an actor. She was an outstanding person at heart. Very generous and humble. And i can say that because I once, myself met her in the city Islamabad, while she was having a normal walk in front of her house. She did not even know us who we are but still, she greeted my mother and me with great love and pleasure.

Yasmin Ismail had been a sufferer of fatal disease ovarian cancer. She fought with her disease for 5 years and suddenly lost at the price of her life on the 18th January, 2005, on the day of Friday.

Yasmin ismail, was indeed an elegant beauty, taken for granted by media of Pakistani, yet acknowledged by her fans. She will be remembered always, by the ones who love her.



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