Narendra Modi Is Going On the Tour of Israel

Narendra Modi Is Going On the Tour of Israel

New Delhi – Narendra Modi is going on a tour to Israel and he is about to become the first Prime Minister of India ever to visit Israel.

Trust of India press informed on Sunday about foreign minister Sushma Swaraj that at this moment the date of visit has not been decided and both countries will select a date with mutual understanding for the tour.

When Sushma questioned about Modi’s visit to Iran, Sushma Swaraj informed that we have not decided any such tour at the moment and Modi himself will visit Iran this year for Naam conference.

She mentioned that this year Modi will visit Turkey for G-20 conference. She further mention that he will visit Palestine and Jordan as well as Israel.

Narendra Modi Is Going On the Tour of Israel 1

India in 1950 after accepting Israel as a separate state, had established diplomatic relations with Jerusalem in 1992 and till today no any Indian Prime Minister had visited Israel once. Modi will become the first Prime Minister of India to visit Israel.

Ariel Sharon was the first Prime Minister who visited India in 2003. The credit of converting the defense and trade relationship in Strategic partnership among both countries goes to Ariel Sharon.

Indian Foreign Minister Sushma while answering for a question asked in her press conference said that the Indian policy for Palestine have still not changed.

Sushma Swaraj declared Israel as a friend of India and said that India have never acting against Palestinian goal and will keep supporting it in the future.



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