New Punjab legislation imposes extreme restrictions on wedding events

New Punjab legislation imposes extreme restrictions on wedding events

LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly on the day of Thursday passed the amendments to the Marriage Functions Bill, imposing jail term and heavy fines on the violators and placing severe limitations on food served at wedding events in the province.

In a provision termed as “prohibition of ostentatious celebrations”, the bill limits the citizens celebrating or arranging marriage from “adorning any street, road or Public Park or any area other than the building…with lights”.

The new law also puts in place limitation on edibles and other food items being served during the occasion of weddings, even if the functions take place at the family’s home.

“A person celebrating his marriage or arranging the marriage of any other person must not serve or permit anyone to serve the meals except one-dish to the individuals engaging in the marriage,” claims the bill.

The limitations apply to “consumption of meals within the home by the members of the family celebrating the occasion of wedding or the guests having stay in the house in regard to the marriage”.

Furthermore, people will be held accountable and punishable before the law if they “explode or permit anyone to explode the cracker or other explosive device involving firing by firearms”, the bill claims.

The Punjab Marriage Functions Bill also limits persons from “showing fireworks or showing dowry to the public eye and causing disturbance to the neighborhood”.

Violators may confront a jail term of up to 1 month or a heavy fine beginning from Rs50,000 to Rs2,000,000. The bill was approved by the Provincial Minister for Law Rana Sanaullah.



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