Night Vision Power Now Available, Thanks to Bio Hackers

Night vision power now available thanks to Bio Hackers

Get ready because now Super hero powers are available for normal people like us.  It’s factual and true! A group of bio hackers went to extreme measures to see if humans may perhaps see in the dark.Night vision power now available thanks to Bio Hackers 2

Gabriel Licina (the man in the picture) was the guinea pig of these bio hacker but it was all worth it as now he possess night vision powers. He had light sensitive substance Ce6 dropped into his eyes – which were kept open by some medieval-looking instrument. The chemical was placed around the conjunctival sac, which carried it to the retina.

This kind of procedure has never been executed on a human until now. The group, Science for the Masses, then took Gabriel to isolated woodland and put his new super power to the test.

He told Mic: ‘we had some individuals go stand in and behinds the woods. At 50 meters, we could understand and see where they were, even if they were standing up beside a tree or a bush.’

Applicants who tried to find the same people without this power only able to do so one third of the time.

So there you have it. Super human powers are available for normal being. Bio Hackers are working on other projects. They might be some other superpower, probably another super hero power.

For their next experiment: Super Jump or Super Strength. Whatever it is… We all are waiting for it impatiently.



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