OGRA Suggested to Increase the Petroleum Prices

OGRA Suggested to Increase the Petroleum Prices.

ISLAMABAD: OGRA (The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority) on this Monday suggested a proposal to notch up the prices of petroleum products effective from coming first of April. Conferring to sources, the suggestion from the regulator has been forwarded to the Ministry of Petroleum.

OGRA has advised to increase the rate of petrol by 4.40 PKR per liter, HSD (high speed diesel) by 6.25 PKR, HOBC (High Octane Blending Component) by 7.66 PKR, Light diesel by 2.56 PKR and kerosene oil by 1.56 PKR a liter.

Though In response to the comparable proposal from OGRA previous month, the government had come to the decision, to not increase the POL prices and maintain them unaltered for the month of March.



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