Pakistan and Turkey to Work Jointly for Peaceful Resolution in Yemen

Pakistan and Turkey to Work Jointly for Peaceful Resolution in Yemen

ANKARA – Pakistan and Turkey while discussing concern on the overthrow of a legitimate government on Friday stated that they were keen to collaborate together for a peaceful resolution of the current crisis in Yemen. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his Turkish counterpart Ahmed Davutoglu addressing a joint press stake out subsequent their meeting were critical of the use of force by non-state actors in Yemen that led to the overthrow of its government. Nawaz named the situation in Yemen as “grave”, alerted the crisis might jeopardize unity of the Muslim Ummah and informed that it also has allegations for the whole region.

The prime minister who rushed to Turkey on a day-long visit to converse the crisis in Yemen stated that the security condition in the country has been worsening. He reminded his conversation with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan some days back in which they decided to converse the Yemen dispute. He mentioned to his conversations with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and informed that both countries are having the view that “the present crisis in Yemen could drive the region into chaos.” He stated that Saudi Arabia is a close friend of Pakistan and Turkey. “We decided that we will stand by Saudi Arabia in its hour of need and settled to cover all possible support in the resistance of Saudi Arabia’s sovereignty and regional integrity.” He informed “Pakistan and Turkey have close and friendly associations with other Islamic countries in the region and ascribe great significance to their security and territorial integrity. “He stated that Pakistan would stay involved with Saudi leadership and those of other Muslim countries in the region.

The Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu in his comments mentioned that both the sides hold unanimity of views on the crisis in Yemen. He state that Turkey has continuously maintained efforts for peace and serenity in Yemen. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu refered to Turkey’s specified position with reference to condition in Yemen and mentioned that his country was interacting with both Saudi Arabia and Iran and called for an end to the sectarian strife in the region. He said equally Pakistan and Turkey are agreeable to work for peace in the region and stressed for an end to the role of non-state actors. He stated close mutual ties between the two countries in all domains and said they have stood together through thick and thin, as has been proven by history. He mentioned that their talks covered consensual ties and the condition in the region that was passing through a historical phase. He said both Pakistan and Turkey embrace regular conferences with each other and have expressed their concern over the circumstances in the region. He mentioned that Turkey look at positively at the outcome of Iran nuclear talks.



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