Ramkot Fort – An Antique Beauty

Ramkot Fort – An Antique Beauty
Ramkot Fort – An Antique Beauty

Ramkot Fort is an enormous landmark of Mangla City, Azad Kashmir. The splendid fort, situated on the top of the mountain and encircled by River Jhelum from the three sides depicts a delightful landscape. The fort is approachable from the Lake Mangla which is located about 20 km from the Mangla City. Most of the fort was destroyed during the establishment of Mangla Dam; the remaining parts of the fort are now serving as an amusement park for visitors.

Several forts were established by Muslim rulers of Kashmir in 16th to 17th Century AD to secure their boundaries. Ramkot Fort is considered to be one of those forts which are placed on the top of the hill. The Ramkot Fort was further secured by the Sikh Maharaja of Kashmir. This magnificent fort was developed above the site of an ancient Hindu temple. And the most interesting part is during excavation, the remnants of that temple were found here. Antiquities of 5th to 9th century A.D. have also been discovered near the temple.

Government established a small museum in 1992, which consists of numerous types of paintings, rocks and the striking Model of Mangla Power House.

This charming Ramkot Fort contributes a fascinating view of mountains surrounded by water from its altitude. It takes 20 minutes via speed boat to reach the hill on which the fort is placed. Boats are present at the lake by Army Water Sports Club.



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