Samsung Galaxy S7 Release date, specs and Price assumptions 2016

Release date, specs and Price assumptions of Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

If you would like to be shocked at the Samsung Galaxy S7 promotion and launch, I recommend that you struck the back button now or go and read something else on the site, as the latest burst of leaks have just confirmed everything that we considered we knew – involving the phone’s release date. In accordance to Evan Blass, @evleaks on Twitter, it’s, “Initiating to look like a day of Friday, March 11th Galaxy release in the U.S.” Blass has amazing track record with this type of data, so I am inclined to trust him and consider that this release date is true and genuine.

Point out that this is the USA release date for the phone, i.e.: when the Samsung Galaxy S7 goes on sale, instead of when we will get our 1st glimpse of it at a Samsung press conference. In other words, we are still hoping to analyze the Galaxy S7 for the 1st time at least a couple of weeks before this, which means that a MWC launch is not out of the query yet. There is no data about a United Kingdom launch, but we generally get the new phones at the similar time as the US, so I would hope to see the Galaxy S7 on sale here on the 11th as well. As always, I will bring you more data as it comes in: so far I have had nothing from Samsung about its MWC policies, but any press invite is compelled to confirm what we hope.

All you require to know, quickly

What is it?

Samsung’s recent smartphone, and the update to the surviving Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

When is it out?

It should be declared at MWC (22-25 February 2016), with the phone hitting the shops in early month of April, however we may get an amazing surprise launch in the month of January

What is new?

Do not hope various differences from the outside, but we may analyze 4K displays (not that likely), a come back to Qualcomm processors (more likely) and Android Marshmallow (very likely).

Release date of Samsung Galaxy S7Release date, specs and Price assumptions of Samsung Galaxy S7

To be very true and honest, it does not take a genius to work out roughly when the Samsung Galaxy S7  will be initiated: 1 year, or so, after the S6 made its debut. Now, it happens as though we have our 1st confirmation on this, with the China Mobile, informed on by SlashGear, indicating a chart that claims that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will hit the network in the month of March. The image, apprehended be a Weibo user and indicate below, seems to be legit. So, what can we get from that?

Well, if the month of March is when the networks are going to acquire the phone, then it means that Samsung will surely have declared the phone at certain point previously in case to generate interest and to get the pre-orders going. The most likely context, then, is that Samsung will declare the Galaxy S7 at an occasion in the month of February. Provided the  most recent form of company, the most likely date is going to be during MWC 2016, which takes place between the 22nd and 25th February. Although, there is an outside opportunity that Samsung will take decision to ignore the other MWC releases and have its own occasion sometime before the event; some Galaxy S handsets have had their own committed events before, so the company has been famous to do this.



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