Saying Bless You Verified Scientifically

Sneezing is an important phenomenon of our everyday life but now saying Alhamdullillah or even bless you after sneezing has been not If publically but has been favored by scientists. According to the latest research when we sneeze the bacteria residing inside our noses are thrown out and our body is purified from germs. We then squeeze our eyes as well and the air from our body is thrown out with force from our nose and mouth as well and during this we stop breathing for a moment as well. Muslims say alhamudillah after sneezing which means that ‘thanks to Allah’ for releasing their breaths again. Not just Muslims but people from all over the world belonging to different ethnic groups thank their Creator for releasing their breaths like bless you. One more interesting fact about sneezing is that when we sleep we do not sneeze and scientists say that if we feel like sneezing in our sleep so we shouldn’t try to stop as it would pressurize the veins and valves which are hazardous for health.



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