New  “ Symfony ” Lenses

Scientist have created lens to get rid of Glasses, this lens is created with plastic and known as “Symfony”. Soon this eye sight returning experiment will be held on millions of peoples which will help them to get rid of their glasses. Once again the solution for weak eye sight is introduce as plastic lenses which will be placed in the eye by a minor surgery.

According to the experts, these lenses will be able to return the eye sight naturally. Till today no any surgery has the power to return eye sight naturally although with this discovery we will cross a new mile stone towards evolution.

His plastic made lenses have named “ Symfony ”. In the past to solve eye sight issues eye experts use to place only Mono-focal lenses which were not able to complete eradicate the use of Glasses. Afterwards Multi-focal lenses were introduced but they were not able to provide the real, clear image to the eyes because while placing the lenses some variation used to come up in the structure of eye ball. However “Symfony” lenses have the ability to overcome this problem. These lenses will be completely utilizable after the placement in 36 hours.



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