Shimshal Valley: The Valley of Magnificent Mountains

Shimshal Valley: The Valley of Magnificent Mountains

Shimshal valley in Pakistan 

The northern places of Pakistan provide a variety of stunning places that are really perfect for tourism.  Shimshal valley (2880m high) is considered to be one of the small but intensively magnificent valleys of Hunza. This one of northeast part of the sector can be visited by traveling about 65 kilometer from the Karakorum highway.

Shimshal valley is the believed to be the land of Wakhi persons in the Hunza containing 130 houses and approximately 1300 population. The valley is also popular for its more than 20 renowned mountaineers that are symbol of proud for the country when it comes to going to places of interest.

The pleasure of Shimshal valley has plenty to give us such as various gigantic glaciers, several snow-blanketed peaks, spectacular passes, fairy meadows, streams, crystal lush green and wild flower grazing lands. Additionally, an astonishing sight of the wild-life can be seen at the Shimshal national park.

When we go for Shimshal valley from the way of Karakuram highway, we analyze the nose of the Batura Glacier which is located at 6 kilometer north of Passu. By crossing the Hunza River through a deferral bridge, tourists step into the narrow ravine of the lower Shimshal River. This doorway is more portentous entrance than one’s imagination.  After a thrilling drive of an hour on a jeep, some of horrible bridges are crossed that take us to Dut: a temporary area to rest. There you see beauty of glaciers accessing the road which reflect an awesome and stark view. Thus, the route has much to see until you reach at Shimshal valley.

There are 3 sub-villages in Shimshal valley, Aminabad, Shimshal and Khizarabad. These small villages have a diversity of views to express for its tourists. Aminabad is full of fields of stones confined in dry-stone walls, and castle such as dwellings of stone and mud. Shimshal has Adver Sar at the distance of 6400 meter from the valley. The trek is also known for Shimshal white-horn. When you think to trek on this awe-inspiring place, be wise to get few eating stock with you which can be easily bought from a general store present in the region.

Shimshal valley combines an immense assortment of beauty and thrill for tourism and makes the area worthy to be viewed among plenty of areas of Hunza. It is the valley of impressive mountains such as Destaghil Sar, Minglik Sar Shimshal white horn, are few of the popular treks to adventure. Instead of that, Lupshar Sar, Yazghail Sar, Kunjut Sar and many more are not unfamiliar too for Mountaineers. There is a huge range of giant glaciers that depict extremely stunning and eye-catching scenery. Various key passes as Khurdopin, Braldu, Chafchingoal, and the like add a astonishing attraction to the place Shimshal valley.



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