Siddiq Ismail: The Renowned Religious Hamd Reciter of Pakistan

Siddiq Ismail: The Renowned Religious Hamd Reciter of Pakistan

Siddiq Ismail (born on the day of 10 February 1954 in Karachi, Pakistan) is an internationally renowned Hamd and Na`at reciter of Pakistan for his fifty years of service in the field of religious Hamd and Na`at recitation on Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan.

Career of Siddiq Ismail

He belongs to the Memon community. His parents shifted from India to Pakistan in the year of 1947 after the partition of British India. He initiated his career at the age of 6 at a local ‘Masjid Badami’ located at Old Town, Karachi. He suffered from the polio disease at an early age and became physically handicapped in his legs. In the year of 1960, he joined Radio Pakistan Program Bachon ki Dunya. It was the 1st program he participated in as a child. Since then he has been chosen regularly for Hamd-Naat recitation on several radio and TV shows in Pakistan.

He is among those who engaged in the maiden transmission of Pakistan Television – Karachi Center in the year of 1969. He was given responsibility to recite Hamd and Naat at its first live transmission. In his professional career, he has been given the title ‘King of Recitation’ by his affectionate followers in Pakistan.

He is a living legend representing soft and positive image of Pakistan with melodious recitation of religious Naats and Hamds. He is an extremely respected figure and is invited to most socio-religious TV events and shows in the country and abroad.

He has recited thousands of Hamds and Naats in different spoken languages, written and understood in Pakistan including Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Hindi, Saraiki, Sindhi, Pashto, Purbi and other local languages.

His career is enriched with achievements and awards globally and nationally including being on the list of ‘500 Influential Muslims’.

He was included among 100 Top Muslim Vocalists list at the 7th rank by Independent Muslim Trust, South Africa, in the year of 1980.

The Government of Pakistan had conferred upon Siddiq Ismail (Naat Khawan) the Sitara-i-Imtiaz award among a list of many other people that also would be awarded their own awards for the year 2012.

He was also awarded the Pride of Performance in the year of 1985 by the President of Pakistan.

Famous Hamd / Naats

  • La Illaha Illallah haq La Ilaha IllAllah
  • Allahuma Sale Ala Syeddna Wa Moulana Mohammadin
  • Madinay Ka Safar Hai
  • Noori Mehfil Pe Chadar
  • Chamak Tujh se Paatay
  • Mujhko Taiba Mai Bula lo
  • Sab se Ala O Ala Hamara Nabi
  • Haqiqat mai who Lutfe Zindagi
  • Jisay Chaha dar pe bula liya
  • Meri Arzo Mohammed Meri Justugo Madina
  • Mustafa Jaan e Rehmat pe Lakhon Salam
  • Zameeno o Zamman tumhare liye
  • Ya RasoolAllah Tere dar ki fizaon ko Salam
  • Yai Naat e Mustafa Ka Moajaza ha
  • Dua hai zindagani yun basar ho

Awards and recognition

  • Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 2012
  • Pride of Performance in 1985
  • Radio Pakistan 20 Years Melody Excellence Award


  • Anwaar-e-Harmain
  • Rang-e-Raza




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