Spontaneous and Charismatic TV Actress and Show Host Nadia Khan

Spontaneous and Charismatic TV Actress and Show Host Nadia Khan

The famous TV Actress and Show host from the country Pakistan, Nadia Khan was born on the 22 May, 1979, in a Pathan tribe located in the city of Quetta. She initiated her career from a Mail show, known as, Daak Time, on aired from NTM in the year of 1996. She was merely 24 years old at that period. Nadia used to read out letters to Uncle Sargam in that program. After that, she hosted a music show, deployed on film music. She is renowned for her spontaneous and witty humor and charismatic personality.

Nadia has always been acknowledged and appreciated in hosting. As an anchor, she had done Breakfast with Nadia and Nadia Khan Show; her morning program, the Nadia Khan show, snatched the hearts of millions of people and Nadia Khan became the star of everyone’s eyes. The acting qualities of Nadia Khan were extremely acknowledged in Bandha, Pal do Pal, Manzilien, Des Pardes, mahrukh and Koi tou ho.

Nadia also did various ads and commercials. She had done a Cerelac ad with her son Azaan. The advertisement was admired by all. She also had done many ramp walks in a fashion programs.

In the year 2012 Nadia was working as a proposed producer in the channel Geo TV for her late night show Geo Phir Mazay Se. The program was a combination of information and entertainment. Nadia has been granted Masala Lifestyle Award in the years 2003 and 2009 for best host. Nadia has also achieved Best actress award in the year 1998, for her well-known drama Bandhan.



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