Sports Industry and Surgical Goods of  City Sialkot

Sports Industry and Surgical Goods of  City Sialkot

Pakistan is considered to be one of the huge suppliers of surgical tools in the globe. Of the surgical tools produced in Pakistan, 95% are manufactured in the city of Sialkot.

The Surgical industry in the city Sialkot initiated off with the repairing of scissors and other simple tools during the British period. In the year 1905, some regional craftsman repaired surgical tools for an American Missionary Hospital in the city Sialkot. Motivated by the positive response from the hospital workers, the regional people started generating some basic tools on a small scale. The industry made a revolutionary success in the International Market when it acquired orders from the countries Egypt and Afghanistan. The Second World War further reinforced the surgical industry as now Sialkot was offering tools to the British and the Allied Forces.

The separation of India did not influence the industry much as many workers being Muslims chose to stay back in the city Sialkot. The industry gradually edged its way to development and has become a huge contributor in the country’s economy. Pakistan now manufactures sophisticated surgical tools. Presently Pakistan is supplying surgical tools to 140 countries of the globe. Over 150,000 to 2,00,000 persons are employed in this industry.
The city of Sialkot is located in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. It is the second greatest foreign exchange earner after the city of Karachi. There are many medium/small cottage industries which not merely give employment to the persons but also contribute to the revenue of country. The determination, qualities and craftsmanship of the regional people have earned a great name for the country. Included among these industries, Sports Goods Industry tops the list.

The sports industry started in the city Sialkot during the British period in 1895. Cricket bats were being constructed and exported to other sections of Asia in the year 1903. Foot balls were also being offered and in the year 1920, the British army appreciated the qualities of the regional manufacturer by granting the British Empire Sports Award.

Sialkot is popular throughout the globe for its great quality sports goods. The soccer balls produced in the city Sialkot came in to highlight when the “Tango Ball” from Sialkot was utilized in the year 1982 FIFA World Cup. Since then there has been no looking back and now the soccer balls of Pakistan are very much in demand. In 1994 and 1998, it earned the repute of supplying legal and official soccer balls to the FIFA World Cup. Nearly all the great sports brands such as Addidas, Puma and Nike employ the facilities of manufacturers of Sialkot Sports Industries.

Instead of soccer balls, cricket bats, hockey sticks and gloves and other sports accessories are also produced and exported in foreign country. The sports goods manufactured in the city Sialkot are a masterpiece of perfection.



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