Statements of the President of Bol Media Group

Statements of the President of Bol Media Group

Karachi – After the recent scandal of Axact for selling fake degrees the president of Bol Media group Kamran Khan and Executive President Iftikhar Ahmad has announced that if these allegations got proven to be correct then they both will resign at once from Bol Media Group.

While speaking with a private media channel the president of Bol Media Group Kamran Khan said that the jobs of thousands of men are linked with this group but if the case proved to be the truth than he will not stay for one minute and will resign at once.

Karman Khan further said that if this business is continuously working from 20 year then why government haven’t took any action against it? Kamran Khan has demanded that this case should be thoroughly investigated that by all legal means this should be resolved.

Senior Executive Vice President and well-known journalist of Bol Media group have said that thousands of educated employees work in this Media group. He said that the businesses of owners does not affects employees so media should not blame those who have no connection whatsoever with this case.

Bol Media group and Axact IT Company is owned by Malik Shoaib Shaikh and Axact IT Company is been accused for selling fake degrees in all over the world.



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