Swaik Lake: The Stunning Beauty That Speaks for Itself

Swaik Lake: The Stunning Beauty That Speaks for Itself

Swaik Lake is believed to be one of the most stunning and unexplored beauty in the state of Pakistan, it is also termed as Neela Pani. Swaik lake is present near the city of Kalar Kahar, it has deep shallow water whole lake is hidden between highest rocks, cliffs and mountain. The water of Lake is very crystal clear and same place is the origin of water that is why it is more pure in contrast to any other lake in Pakistan.

There are numerous options to make an amazing one day trip to Swaik Lake, several physical activities included in one day swimming tour of this stunning place.

The attractions during trip to Swaik Lake are:

  • Road tour on Motorway
  • Starts from Hiking
  • Entering in Soon valley
  • Beautiful view of soon valley forest and mountains
  • Swimming in crystal clear water
  • Cliff diving from thirty and forty feet above
  • Learn swimming in simpler way
  • Cooking, BBQ and what else you wish

Many people are organizing such tours, you can contact them any time if you’re willing to enjoy a beautiful place with, family, friends, office fellows and even stranger adventure fallows.

  • Such professionals can organize whole tour for you if you’ve group of people to go
  • You can join their existing or upcoming event of Swaik Lake
  • They can provide you Luxury transportation
  • They can provide you a proper guidance on event
  • They also offer life jackets for safer swimming
  • They can provide day packs during hiking
  • The organizer also provide lunch on same day




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