Taliban offer Mullah Omar’s son, brother primary posts

Taliban offer Mullah Omar’s son, brother primary posts

PESHAWAR: The Taliban have elected the son of their late founder Mullah Mohammad Omar as head and leader of a military commission and named him and his uncle to their strong decision-making body, a spokesman stated.

Mullah Omar’s eldest son Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob and Brother Mullah Abdul Manan were both known to the Rahbari Shura or leadership council, Taliban spokesman Qari Yousaf Ahmadi claimed.

The decision of 2 of its founder’s closest relatives would seem to strengthen present Taliban leader Akhtar Mansour, who yet confronts opposition from few factions within the movement after taking power previous year.

Yaqoob, whose family name yet carries outstanding prestige among the militants of Taliban, was elected as the head of the Taliban’s military commission for fifteen provinces of the state Afghanistan. “They agreed to their new responsibilities and started their work from the day of Monday,” Ahmadi stated.

The elevation of the 2 people to the Rahbari Shura comes approximately 7 months after they dropped their opposition to Mansour’s claim on the supervision following confirmation previous year that the 1-eyed Mullah Omar had lost his life some 2 years earlier and that his death had been covered up.

“Mansour had long given these top positions and Shura membership to Mullah Abdul Manan and Mullah Yaqoob, although their formal appointment was made on the day of Monday after getting permission from the Shura,” one member of the Shura stated, asking not to be named.

Members of Mullah Omar’s family had previously claimed the supervision for Yaqoob but accepted to swear allegiance to Mansour, longtime deputy of Mullah Omar, after he accepted a list of their proposed demands, Taliban officials stated previous year.

Mansour’s instant nomination as leader after few militants considered he had deceived the movement over the death of Mullah Omar caused powerful resentment among certain Taliban. Widespread reports previous year recommended Mansour had been badly injured in a shootout with enemies but the reports were denied by the Taliban, who published an audio recording it claimed was of Mansour to indicate he was unharmed.



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